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Permanent Makeup 



Permanent Makeup (PMU), Cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation are terms referring to a form of tattooing that involves implanting pigment into the skin for cosmetic purposes. PMU is a way to subtly enhance your natural beauty and make your facial features pop. It's an absolute confidence booster.

While called permanent most clients can expect results to fade completely overtime. On average PMU can last between 1-5 years. Lifestyle choices like smoking, getting lots of sun or using certain skincare products can lead to faster fading. Getting a touch-up after a couple of years and following aftercare instructions can keep your permanent makeup looking great for years. Certain skin types retain pigment better than others.



Powder brows are done using a technique that creates a soft makeup effect on the brows.  This soft and natural shading effect makes your brows look fuller and thicker!  Powder brows are a great option for a wide variety of people and are a great alternative to filling in your natural brows with makeup daily. Eyebrows are a very important facial feature that help frame our faces and convey emotion. Often brows can go overlooked due to overplucking, thinning hair, light-colored hair or having no hair. A beautiful set of brows can make a huge difference in your appearance!  

Lip blushing is done by faintly lining and then shading the lip tissue
. Lip blushing can cover scars, enhance the natural shape of your lips, add color and make your lips look fuller. It can be done to look very natural or more vibrant colors can be used to create bolder, brighter lips!  

Lash line enhancement refers to tattooing along the lash line. This really makes your eyes pop! It also makes your lashes look darker and thicker! Once I’ve mastered lash liner, I plan to offer top and bottom eyeliner as well!  


Individuals that: 

  • Feel washed out without makeup on 

  • Are tired of wearing makeup daily  

  • Have very little or no eyebrow hair  

  • Have scars on or around their lips 

  • Want color on their lips at all times 

  • Are very active and busy  

  • Don't feel skilled in applying makeup  

  • Have Alopecia  

  • Want to enhance their features 

  • Want to feel more confident in their own skin 

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for permanent makeup, please read the following to determine if you are!


  • have had laser removal on the eyebrows (due to scarring issues)

  • arrive with a tan – NO sun 7 days before and 30 days after in the treatment area. Pigments implanted in tan skin WILL heal darker and can appear ashy 

  • are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • are on Acutane or any acne medication (must be off Acutane for a year before a procedure can be done)

  • have eyebrow hair transplants

  • have used Latisse or any hair growth serum (must be off 4 weeks prior to appointment)

  • are on Prednisone or any steroid medication (must be off 4 weeks prior to appointment)

  • have Botox or other injectables (must be off 4 weeks prior to appointment)

  • are on antibiotics or antiviral medication (must be off 4 weeks prior to appointment)

  • have had a chemical peel (must wait 4 weeks for an appointment)

  • have heart disease, mitral valve prolapse (MVP) or a pacemaker

  • have methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

  • are under 18 years of age

  • are using any retinol cream, Emu oils, alpha hydroxy, anti-aging creams or any exfoliant – must be off 4 weeks prior to appointment

  • have fever or are not feeling well

  • are taking fertility treatments/medications (must be off 3 to 4 months prior to appointment)

  • have eczema or acute/seborrheic dermatitis in or around the area (this includes chronic shedding, bumps, redness, irritation, or flaking of the skin in the eyebrow area

  • have type 1 or 2 diabetes (these individuals are prone to slow healing and infection however if your diabetes is under control and being monitored by a doctor, I am willing to work with you with a doctor’s consent!)

  • have super thin/vascular skin

  • are knowingly under the influence of drugs or any mood altering drugs/medications (i.e. Valium, Xanax) 

  • have had any type of organ transplant that requires anti-rejection medications


NOTE: If you have epilepsy, hemophilia, or heart disease of any kind, consult a physician prior to any permanent makeup procedure. 


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