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It is extremely important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. Following aftercare instructions will ensure that your tattoo heals well and will continue to look great throughout the years. 

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  • Keep your tattoo wrapped for a few hours OR overnight depending on what your artist told you.

  • We recommend using unscented anti-bacterial soap 

  • Wash your hands throughly before you clean your tattoo.

  • Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap to gently wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day. 

  • Repeat this process for at least 10-14 days or until your tattoo is completely healed. 


  • Continue to clean your tattoo as described above.

  • It is normal to be sore and/or swollen after getting your tattoo. In some cases, bruising can occur. 

  • Your new tattoo will dry out/feel tight - this is normal.

  • Do not pick at your new tattoo. 

  • You can use a small amount of coconut oil or Aquaphor when your tattoo is feeling tight or like it might "crack".  Please remember, less is more!

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  • DO NOT soak in a bath, hot tub, or any body of water for at least two weeks while your tattoo is healing. Showering is fine.

  • DO NOT over moisturize while your tattoo is healing. 

  • DO wear sunscreen. After the tattoo has healed, of course. This will keep your tattoo looking vibrant throughout the years. 

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